Why purchase a calendar clock?

The popular TimosTM Calendar Clock Nostalgia is a meticulously developed product. The clock shows the time, day, date and month at one glance.  It has been particularly designed for people with memory problems, but it can also benefit others, such as the elderly and shift workers.

Calendar Clock helps with time management

Elderly people, particularly those with memory problems, often struggle with time management. The easy-to-read TimosTM Calendar Clock Nostalgia shows the time, day and date at one glance. The clock is also visible in the dark, thanks to its lighting.

Date and time in the same date clock

One of the most common symptoms of memory loss is time management problems. People with dementia could ask repeatedly questions like “What time is it?” or “What day is it today?” from their loved ones. As dementia advances, the person typically finds it hard to process information, and they lose their sense of time.  Being able to check the time and date independently from a date clock makes everyday life easier for people with memory problems and their family members.

A clear, analogue clock face 

A clear display is vital for people who struggle with time perception. An illuminated clock face is a good solution.The time can be checked easily, even in the dark. The analogue clock face also makes the dementia clock easier to read. After all, that is how we learned to tell the time as children.

The Calendar Clock supports the day-to-day lives of people with memory problems

The first symptoms of dementia and problems with time perception can cause anxiety and even fear, when the person suddenly struggles with something as simple as knowing the time of day. TimosTM Calendar Clock Nostalgia is an excellent help in such cases. Better time management skills make the elderly or people with memory problems feel more secure. It also promotes their independence and initiative, which helps to improve their self-esteem.